Hand Embroidery- Video #6: French Knot Tutorial

Hi! Welcome to another hand embroidery video series. This time, I will teach you how to make a french knot. If have been following my tutorial series, then you have already learned 3 hand embroidery stitches- running stitch, backstitch, and split stitch. Let’s add another skill by learning how to make a french knot. 

Traditionally, french knots are made with 3 wraps. However, you can decide if you want to make a bigger knot or a smaller knot. To begin with, insert the needle from the back of the fabric. Now, hold with your other hand the thread that came out of the fabric. Then, wrap it on the needle once. Without letting go of the thread, insert the needle back on the fabric as close as possible to where you left off. The thread will come down at the tip of the needle but make certain not to let go of the wrap. You can hold it down on the fabric until you tug the thread from the back to make the french knot nice and tight. You can adjust the size of the knot by increasing the number of threads you wrap.

Now you are ready to make your first hand embroidery! If you check out the next tutorial, I will be making a tote bag that has a hand embroidery design on the front side. So, it will be a complete hand embroidery design plus you get to learn how to make a tote bag! Enjoy!

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