Introducing the 10″ Slicer quilting template & ruler!

crafty gemini 10" slicer quilting template ruler

Happy New Year, everybody! I’m super excited today to share with you some fabulous news. I designed and manufactured my very first quilting template & ruler!

It’s been an interesting ride and I have learned so much about the process of taking an idea from paper to prototypes to more prototypes to finally having the actual finished product in my hands!

So, here it is… the 10″ Slicer! I designed this ruler to be used with 10″ x 10″ precut squares of fabrics. It’s a template that also doubles as a ruler. I included the screen printed gridlines and measurements so it could be used for multiple purposes.

Because the template has an asymmetrical edge it makes it easy to create all kinds of geometric designs! In it’s most basic use you can easily create the sliced block. Now, let’s see… use 10″ x 10″ squares of fabric to create a quilt so there is NO fabric waste and NO additional yardage is needed. Imagine that?! All you need to make the quilt top is the precut squares and my 10″ Slicer! That is exactly how I made the Sliced quilt you see hanging behind me here!

The first Crafty Gemini quilting template & ruler- 10" Slicer!

{Fabrics used: Mochi by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cotton + Steel and in pillow Birds and the Bees by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller Fabrics.}


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You can also slice the blocks more than once for a cool look! If you slice the blocks twice you get the double sliced block or an X-block. When you make four of these double sliced blocks and piece them together you get an octagon in the center like the pillow below!

crafty gemini 10" slicer pillow octagon xblock

{Note: I have a FREE video tutorial series on how to make this pillow cover using my 10″ Slicer. Click here to watch this and more 10″ Slicer tutorials!

If you are still curious about my new quilting template & ruler go ahead and watch this video I made just for you! In it I tell you all about my 10″ Slicer- why I designed it, what it can do and where you can buy one.


If you want to grab one right now, just click HERE to head over to my online shop.

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Thanks for your continued support and happy quilting!

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P.S.- Here is what quilters are saying about my 10″ Slicer:

• The 10″ slicer is awesome. I so appreciate a template that has a lot of versility in its use along with its creative potential. I used the “slicer” to square up a quilt yesterday and the process, especially for me, made the task so much easier, and though we don’t like to use the word “perfect” when referring to quilts, my corners are perfect. smile emoticon If you haven’t purchased the slicer or you on the fence or you are thinking that it’s just another template, it’s not; think about what is on the market regarding templates- it’s basically for one use, it’s shape when it’s applied to its specific pattern and when you compare the “slicer” you will realize it’s potential is one of its best features. You will use it over and over and over again in different capacities. – Sarah S.

• This is such a great addition to my ruler collection. Vanessa planned the markings so we can use it as a ruler AND a slicer. I’ve cut 10″ squares so easily with this ruler and even made a zip pouch with the fabric after I put it back together.- Mary K.

• I have a lot of rulers and templates and the CG Slicer is going to the top of my list. Vanessa planned the shape and markings so well it’s very versatile. All while keeping the cost lower than other templates of this size and smaller.– Denise H.

• I love using my 10″ slicer. I use it mostly as a ruler to cut my fabric into squares. The 1/4″, 1/2″ etc. marks are so clear and easy to see when laying on your fabric. I also like the size as it is not bulking like a 10″ square. Nicely done. – Fran M.

• Love the endless possibilities you have with it, and very light to use as a go to ruler. – Carla L.

• I got my 10″ slicer in the Quilty Box and I love it. Just finished a pillow and am now working on a quilt. It was so nice to have tutorials to teach me new techniques. Vanessa has a great teaching style and made it easy to learn. Can’t wait for more templates to come out. – Staci S. 

• I absolutely LOVE your template Vanessa! I love that it utilizes all of the fabric in a 10″ square with no waste! I also use it for other projects. The 2 1/2″ ruler top is perfect when I’m making microwave bowl pot holders! I love rulers that serve more than 1 purpose, and yours certainly does! Your ruler lives on my table because I reach for it so much!! Love it!! Kelley H.

• I have mine! It is great value for money. Templates this large are often over 20 USD and this one does double duty as a ruler. – Biz B.

• I’ve found this ruler to be great for making 2.5″ strips and for squaring up!! Can’t wait for more CG rulers!! Great price too!!! Pat A.

• Love my Slicer! I’m planning to make some striped quilt binding with it. The sections will be evenly spaced and the stripes as wide as I want them to be. Very versatile tool. – Wanda G.

• I got it in the Quilty Box and made a great quilt for a friend. I love using it as a ruler as well. – Fernanda M.

• I received mine from the first batch! Not only is this template good for the slice block, 2 1/2 inch strips, squaring up blocks, I also use it as a ruler! It is great for smaller pieces of fabric and you don’t have to buy the smaller templates, rulers. – Sherry W.

• You can’t beat the price! Most folks charge us quilters double of what this one costs and then sometimes you can only do one thing with that template. Not this one! Not only did I make the 10″ slicer squares, I used it to square up my blocks and then I made 2.5″ strips for my binding. Now,that’s getting my money’s worth! – Gabi P.

• Made in the USA!! Thank you for helping grow our economy and showing that the American worker is unmatched in the world. smile emoticon That having been said, I LOVE my slicer. Simple to use, no confusing linesto wonder what to do with or have to read a pamphlet on how to use. GREAT for straightening edges, measuring (perfect for a ruler) and FUN to design different blocks with. Thanks Vanessa, a template that makes sense. – Donna N.

9 replies on “Introducing the 10″ Slicer quilting template & ruler!

  • Francine

    I love your ruler. I purchased it directly from you the day that you posted it for $16.95 + shipping.
    I’m very disappointed to see that it’s listed for $14 on the Quilt Box website. I would think that we would get the best price from you rather than a third party retailer.
    It’s very puzzling.

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      Hi Francine, I’m glad you are enjoying the 10″ Slicer. To clarify, the 10″ Slicers listed at the Quilty Box site were from the first production run and are leftover from their order. We have since made changes including: using a higher grade acrylic, added a hanging hole for storage ease, added shrink wrapping and a color label to the rulers. Those changes/additions added to the production cost of the ruler.

  • Hattye

    I just purchased the Crafty Gemini 10″ Slicer Template Ruler; I don’t even quilt, but sew. I think I’ll like trying to do this using fabric I have in my fabric stash. I know it’ll be more time consuming, but I’m trying to destash my fabric by making different projects. I watched your arm knitting video along with others and made 16 scarves for Christmas presents. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy watching your videos.

  • Kendra

    I just ordered the 10 in Slicer. I have alot of precuts and love them. This is a great idea. Would like to know if I could also use the 10 in on 5 inc. charm packs? I believe you can because of the measurement on the ruler.. Would be awesome if you did a tutorial on using 10 for 5 in charm..But I am not so hot at math lol. I am giving a program for my guild next yr. would it be ok if i did a class or lesson on your slicer? I know some of the ladies like easy fun quilts and this would be perfect. I hope your not in the path of the hurricane Matthew and your all safe and sound, and the animalls also,, love animals.Have some here at the house. Thank You Kendra Wood

  • Flora May

    I have been using the 10” slicer to make the sides for a pattern I use for the Trifle Tumbler by Sara Lawson. All I do is trim it down once the square is done. I have so many compliments for my bags. They look very complicated but are so easy to make.


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