I’m at Missouri Star Quilt Company headquarters!

missouri star quilt co crafty gemini man sewing

Jenny, Rob and me being our silly selves!

I’m writing this post from Hamilton, MO where I am hanging out with these two other crafty characters! You all know, Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. and Rob Appell from the Man Sewing channel, right?! We are all here at the home of Missouri Star Quilt Company! This picture was taken in front of a new mural on the side of the MSQC Retreat Center building. It is just gorgeous! Isn’t it?! See the full mural below. I’m amazed at how artists can paint an image on such a large scale!

missouri star quilt co mural

Missouri Star Quilt Co.’s latest mural!

I brought my video camera on this trip so my plan is to put together a video to share with you all a little about the town and show you inside each shop at MSQC. There are currently 6 quilt shops and I think they are going to have over a dozen by the end of 2015.  Good stuff! Definitely the Disney World of Quilting! If you’ve never been add a trip here to your bucket list!

Here is a sneak peek at the Penney’s Shop. It’s all solids and blenders. If you love Kona solids this is your heaven! And this is only one side of the wall of the shop. It’s HUGE!

quilt shop missouri star quilt co

Penney’s Shop — just one of Missouri Star Quilt Co.’s shops.

Several ladies who are in town shopping have even recognized me! It’s always so much fun to meet Crafty Gemini fans in person! So, if you ever see me… anywhere, please stop me and say HI! I love meeting y’all!

Well, I should get back to work but I wanted to let you all know where I was and share some fun pics with you. Hope you’re having a great week! Jenny and Rob say hi!missouri star quilt co man sewing crafty gemini

15 replies on “I’m at Missouri Star Quilt Company headquarters!

  • Pauline Springett

    Great Pic Vanessa , can’t wait to get there for the retreat in August.
    Never been to one before so a little nervous. Can’t wait wait to meet my fellow Crafty Gems. ????????????????

    See you in August, I’m off to Jamacia on the 4th for ten Days ???????????? so I will be having 2 Vacations back to back. Lucky me.


  • Ruby clark

    Hi can u find out about our quilt retreat in August while u are there? I’ve emailed them no response, so has my friend Wendy

  • Kathrynfrederick

    Can’t wait to have fun in August at the retreat with some of my favorites peeps, you, Jenny and my sisters Debbie Dennison and Macey Ward!!

  • Elizabeth Sawyer

    The murals are really great! Thank you Vanessa for bringing us along with you to Hamilton. I don’t suppose I will ever get there in person from the UK but I never say never! Can only imagine what it is like in a town with all of those quilting shops I think I would explode with excitement. Enjoy your time there and lots of love and thanks. Liz

  • Beth

    The shop is lovely inside and out! I love how the shop displays quilts on the wall which correspond to the beautiful fabríc colors beneath it!

  • Snooky Obie

    Hi, Vanessa and Jenny, I have a question for the both of you, I have been following both you now for some time, and I have done a lot of projects on both sides and have got a lot of fabric from Missouri and Co. My questions is I have been surfing the net to find a easy way of making (donation) Wheelchair tote bags to hang on the wheelchair and walkers, also carry along tote bag for their Portable oxygen tanks, I have so much quarter and squares packs to put together for them, I just need help to put them together faster to get them out to them. I need your sewing expertise in this matter, thanks so much, great fan of both of you always;)

  • Pamela

    Looks like you are having a great time. Thanks for sharing and posting the pics. Because of you, I know about this place and I want to visit. Talk about eye candy!!!

  • Anne McKenzie

    Can’t wait to see video! Doesn’t look like I will ever get there myself, so this is a way I can visit vicariously. Thanks in advance

  • Kathy Gentry

    It looks like the three of you are having a great time working together! I have stopped at Missouri Star twice and am so impressed by your stores! I am going to try to get my quilt club from central Illinois to make a road trip. I love the new mural!

  • Teresa Kinzler

    Hi Vanessa, I stopped in and took a photo of you with my daughter last week at MSQC. She’s the one who uses your tutorial for headbands. We live in Hamilton and my oldest daughter works at the Mercantle shop. I put together a small paper called The Paper Penney – a play off of JC Penney’s name since his hometown is Hamilton, MO. I am including your photo taken with Shayna and thought you might like a copy of the publication. If so where can I mail it to you?



    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      Hi Teresa! So awesome! I’ll actually be at the retreat center next week from Tuesday to Friday so you can leave me a copy there and I’ll get it just fine. Thank you! Tell your daughter to keep up the great work. 🙂

  • Roxie Tish

    I’m very, very new to quilting but I Love ❤️ your pictures and I must say that since I’ve gotten involved in the Quilting World everyone has been so kind and welcoming. That’s what brought me to your site, I saw a picture of a quilted tote bag and I asked about it and here I am.


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