Crafty Gemini 2016 Quilting Cruise!!

crafty gemini quilting cruise promo video

Very exciting news to share today!

I have teamed up with Flash Sew & Quilt in Naples, FL and Baby Lock Sewing Machines to bring YOU the first ever Crafty Gemini Quilting Cruise! Ahhhhhhhh! I’m so honored to have been asked to teach at such a fabulous retreat! I even created a short video for you telling you a little more about it. Click here to watch the one minute long video!

Let me share the basics of the cruise with you here:

WHO: ME! I will be teaching 3 classes on the ship! We’ll be making a lap quilt, a mini quilt and a quilted handbag project!

WHAT: A vacation of a lifetime! 7 nights on a cruise ship! We will be on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas ship and will visit Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico… and spend 3 days quilting with Crafty Gemini and quilty friends!

WHERE: We leave (and return) from Port Canaveral, FL (about 45 minutes from MCO-Orlando airport)

WHEN: October 23- October 30, 2016

WHY: Because it’s going to be an amazing time to visit the Caribbean and spend some time on the ship doing what you love- sewing & quilting!


I say you round up your quilty friends and make this your vacation for 2016! It is sure to be a fabulous time! Did I mention you don’t have to bring a sewing machine! Flash Sew & Quilt and Baby Lock are providing all the machines and basic supplies. You will also receive a full class kit for fabric and supplies for the three projects I will be teaching!

I hope you’ll join us!


{P.S.-  If you sign up for a spot, leave me a comment below and let me know! I’m so excited to meet you in person!}

34 replies on “Crafty Gemini 2016 Quilting Cruise!!

      • Janice

        Oh can you not do either of the 2 weeks before that as well, pretty please. I am cruising on the freedom of the seas 4-18th october 2015 going east and west caribean and would have loved to have come to your classes.

        Just noticed it is next year, even better you could squeeze it in for this year then I could see you im sure the other passengers would love it.

  • Pamela Tabor

    Congrats Vanessa! This sounds great! Lady, you are blowing up and I am glad for you. I will be working on getting my deposit asap. I don’t want to miss this opportunity. I am retired and have a very low income but I got more than a year to get it together. I like that you can make monthly payments. Looking forward to your classes and meeting you.

  • Gayle

    1. What sewing level should a person be at? Can they be beginners?
    2.where does one leave their car for the week?
    3. Can someone reserve a whole room to themselves?

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      Hi Gayle. To answer your questions I would say, 1) You can be a beginner as long as you’ve had some quilting experience and understand the basic terminology used in sewing and quilting. I would suggest you have several projects under your belt before attending. Unfortunately, because I will be the only instructor I won’t be able to spend very much one-on-one time with beginners to get them up to speed with the the basics. 2) You can leave your car parked at Port Canaveral (pricing info can be found here:, and 3) Yes. You can reserve a whole room to yourself you would just have to pay a higher rate of twice the listed price since it’s at double occupancy. For more details on how that works I would suggest asking the travel agent since she deals directly with the cruise line. Hope that helps!

  • Susan

    This would have been a great sweepstakes offer!
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford this adventure,
    as much as I would love to go.

    Hope everyone enjoys themselves!

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      Hi Sharon. Received your message. Please call Lenore at 352-270-8658. The voice message says they will be out of the office until LAST Thursday. She also provides a few other phone numbers and an email address to reach her at. Try those options to get a hold of her and leave her a message or email. She will get back to you soon. There are still spots available so no worries! Thanks for your interest in attending the first ever Crafty Gemini Quilting Cruise!

  • yvonne mccain

    hi I would love to be able to see you & join the quilting class on the cruise ship but I am on disability and a fixed income I am disabled I have to use a walker to get around I am new to quilting
    I would love to go but being on disability I can’t
    do it. I’ve been wanting to go or attend on but $$ just isn’t there. thank you any ways!

    yvonne mccain
    (fb) yvonneamccain
    hope you all have fun.

  • Susie Brown

    If I need a roommate is that possible? I was told that you will have to pay double the listed price for a single cabin.
    Is there anyone out interested in of a roommate for a balcony or ocean view cabin.

  • Nancy Cohick

    Hi I’m so excited to see this cruise happening… It looks like it will be a ton of fun. A quick question… Are kids allowed on the cruse? Naturally not during the classes so my husband would watch them? Do children cost the same price as per person price or are they free being that they are under the age of 3? Thanks????

  • Elaine

    I’m signed up. ☺️ This cruise will be my birthday present to myself. I consider my self an experienced beginner quilter and I look forward to learning/meeting you!!! Feeling fortune/blessed to be able to be able to go( making monthly payments helps).

  • Virginia

    Will Jenny Doan be on ship too for the quilting part too? So we don’t need to take any quilting rotary cutters or scissors or anything?

  • Renae

    So excited just booked my reservations! I love your site and follow you often! Looking forward to meeting you in person!

    Renae in California

  • Dar Ryba-Borchardt

    I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and going on this adventure. Anyone from Wisconsin going? Haven’t looked into flights yet.

  • laura middleton

    Oh so exciting I can not wait 8 months Load them tutorials for us and keep us busy Vanessa I can not wait to meet and talk to you in person! To be in one of your classes is such an honor!

  • Carlene A.

    Hi Vanessa or fellow ladies- Does anyone know if there will be a shuttle that will transport us from the MCO airport to the cruise ship and back upon our return? Any information would be gladly appreciated.

  • debra king-abraham

    Hi Vanessa,

    I’m booked n paid along with 8 other quilting buddies. Question, we’d like 2 bring our own fabrics, even though we’ve paid 4 the kit but need 2 know amount 4 each project. Is it posible 2 forward this info.

    Debra ftom Northern California who can’t wait 2 meet u


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