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I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Sandi’s Crafty Planner Podcast.  I think she describes it best in her post that this was a “no holds barred” episode.  I’ve never met Sandi before. We only corresponded a few times via email while setting up a day and time to schedule the podcast chat. When we spoke for the first time it was pretty magical. I felt like I’d known her for years and I could tell her anything. We hit it off right from the start of the conversation and if you know me at all you know that can be a recipe for disaster! I can very easily run my mouth and often catch myself saying a bit more than maybe I should.  Needless to say I let out a whole lot in this conversation and I’m blaming Sandi’s super cool persona and her deep-digging questions. {It’s all your fault, Sandi!} I chat about my journey to where I am today as a person and entrepreneur, my experiences as a quilt shop customer, being a first generation American, discrimination, racism and a whole lot of other stuff about my life in this industry.

WARNING: We cuss in this conversation. (I’m a city girl, what can I say?) Oh, yea… and I speak super fast. 

If you want to listen in CLICK HERE. You can read the show notes on that page and just scroll down and press play to hear the hour long conversation. If you do listen to it leave me a comment here and let me know your thoughts. Do you relate to any of the things we mentioned in the chat?

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7 replies on “Podcast Episode #12 on Crafty Planner

  • Annalou Streiff

    Love you and all you do. You were one of the first sites I went to to learn more quilting. I have followed you for several years. So happy you are now with MSQC. Can’t wait to see what you will be posting.

  • MaryLFK

    I loved this discussion for so many reasons. I am a fan of Vanessa and I was lucky to meet her at QuiltCon. I’m 66 so one of those “old white ladies” that you talked about. I have also had experience with racism, despite the fact that I am white, because my college roommate all four years was African American. I just went back to Grinnell College for a reunion and Frances and I hung out again. She’s a pediatrician, by the way, but we don’t live close enough to see each other. (sad face) Anyway, there was a seminar about the Concerned Black Students which was founded after MLK Jr was assassinated by two of my classmates. Dr King spoke at Grinnell my freshman year. I would have hoped that there wouldn’t be a need for a “black house” but current students explained that with all the police shootings recently there have been some racist events and anonymous comments on something called YickYack (sp?) so the college had to take it off the server. Anyway, there is still a need for support for students of color – and obviously for quilters of color – but I will keep hoping and working toward a society that judges people by the content of their character. Keep up the good work on your two platforms and I’ll get back to my latest Quilt Club project.

  • Lara

    Wonderful interview!
    Thank You for sharing your background, motivation and dedication to help people gain life skills. I admire your video tutorials because you know so well to point out mistakes to avoid and you superbly display the procedure. Looking forward to see more! Hugs and Love!

  • shirley


    This has been a world of experience when I found the crafty Gemini Site. Thanks so much to Vanessa I love all she do to help with quilting and other craft for your customers. Im just happy to receive e-mails because their always something new to look at and a lot of information I can take back to my site.

  • Anne McKenzie

    I have been watching Vanessa for a few years now, and love her videos. It has been fun to see how much she had grown, and how good her videos have gotten. I thank her that she shares them with us on you-tube.

  • viviane manevitz

    I found Crafty Gemini by accident and I love how Vanessa explains everything so clearly that I walk away saying I can do this and I have done a few things that she has taught on her videos like the small triangular zipper pouch. I like showing off to my quilting group what I have made and tell
    them to watch the Crafty Gemini where they too can learn and make what I have learned and made. Vanessa’s bubbly personality is one of the endearing and enjoyable part of watching her educational videos. Thank you for your hard work, it is much appreciated Vanessa!

  • Pamela

    I recently attended a sewing class that made the Improv bag. Prior to the class I went to YouTube and typed in “improv bag”. That is where and when I was introduced to Vanessa’s how to videos. I’m so glad you made that tutorial. You are a beautiful lady, where have you been?” I watched your videos for at least an hour. (I can’t sit too long unless I’m sewing). I have been separated from my sewing buddies for 8 years and it drives me crazy sometimes. I have also tried to join guilds and sewing circles without success. I got tired of the stares, people not liking your creation because you didn’t use calico prints, not being invited to be a member. Hell, one guild member actually told me who to see to join and that person put me off and avoided me for and hour. Anyway, I have subscribe to everything I think you, Vanessa, are involved in and I plan on joining the Quilt Club as soon as I am able. I’m looking forward to your Wednesday teachings. I pray that you and your family live a long healthy and happy life.


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