Bee Buddy Podcast Interview with Pat Sloan

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Hi all! This week I’m back with something a little different! A podcast interview where instead of me being the guest… I’m the host! This is part of a series called Bee Buddy that I host every month as part of my online Crafty Gemini Quilt Club. Every month I interview a quilter in the industry and we have a fun chat that Club members can listen in on.  Usually these Bee Buddy interviews are private and only accessible by Crafty Gemini Quilt Club members on our private website but we’ve gone ahead and made this interview public so you can listen in on what it’s like!

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This is Bee Buddy #6 (June 2015) and I get to chat with the fabulous, Pat Sloan! If you don’t know who Pat Sloan is, you are in for a treat. She and her husband run their own business and pretty much do it all!

•Pat has written 31 quilting books, she is a fabric designer and travels to teach workshops and give lectures on all quilting subjects!

• She is also the host of the American Pathwork & Quilting Radio podcast. {Side note: I was a guest on her show 4 years ago! Click here to find it under the 7-04-2011 episode. I’m on the second half of the show.}

• If you enjoy watching YouTube videos be sure to subscribe to Pat’s channel! She has some awesome video tutorials right HERE. 

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Here are some important links for you to find her online. I’ve also included the links to articles and places on her website that we mention in the podcast. Enjoy and feel free to share this podcast with your friends! Scroll down to listen to the podcast!

New to Pat Sloan’s website? 


Now, I’ll leave you with the podcast. It’s a little under 30 minutes long so it’s short and sweet! We laugh a lot. Hope you enjoy it!

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  • ellen manson

    hi vanessa. i am hearing challenged and this audio format does not work for me. is there a way to see a transcript of the session? or closed captions?


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