How to Build a Step Stool- Video Tutorial

I am having so much fun building new woodworking projects and meeting other women who enjoy making stuff too! My friend, Linn from Darbin Orvar and I collaborated on my latest tutorial to bring you a two-part video project. In the first video I teach you how to build the step stool and then in part two Linn shows you how to finish it with a fun DIY chalk. This girl is talented! I’m learning so much from her. Subscribe to her channel if you don’t already.

Linn was kind enough to provide us with the FREE PDF plans and templates for this project. I used them and found them very helpful.  With the plans and my video tutorial you should have no problems making one (or 5!) of these. They would make great gifts for the holidays! INexpensive and practical! SCORE!
I  teach you how to build the step stool from start to finish! Great for beginners!
Here’s how this video collaboration works:
{I’ve included both videos right here in this blog post for you to view and enjoy! Just scroll down.}

Check out Linn’s Blog HERE.

Check out (and SUBSCRIBE!) to Linn’s YouTube Channel HERE. 

Linn working on the chalk paint finish. #womeninwoodworking
Amazing work! Isn’t her shop to die for?! She built it herself, too!
Closeup of the chalk paint finish and beeswax coat. Just #wow!
Now click below to enjoy both videos! Tons of great info!

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