45-Minute Crochet Cowl Tutorial

Now that cooler weather is upon us it’s the perfect time to whip up something to keep yourself (and others!) toasty! This 45-minute cowl is just the ticket to a practical, fun and quickie crochet project. The best part is that the yarn does all the work for you! I mean, seriously… how gorgeous is this yarn?!

No surprise it’s called “AMAZING!” Seriously. That’s the name of the yarn: Amazing yarn by Lion Brand Yarns. So much texture and color variation in just one skein. And speaking of one skein, did I mention that’s all you need to make one of these babies? Yup. Just one. So no excuses, people! Grab a hook and a skein of this fab yarn and get to work. You’ll be cranking out dozens of these in no time. They make great gifts, too!

Click here to get your Amazing yarn.

Click here to get your jumbo crochet hooks.

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In this video tutorial I’ll even let you decide if you want your cowl to short or long. It all depends on what size hook you want to use. You’ll see how easy it is to customize your crochet projects. I show you a sample made with two different crochet hooks so you can decide what finished look you want for your cowl. I like the shorter version but it’s up to you. If you can’t decide just make a few of each in different colorways. That would be fun!

Click here to watch the tutorial!

…and yes, there is a worldwide giveaway with this tutorial! Enter for your chance to win below.
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18 replies on “45-Minute Crochet Cowl Tutorial

  • Jessica

    Thanks for this great tutorial! I found the video on youtube and followed it here. I started and finished this project last night (although it took me longer than 45 min because I am a beginner!).

    Question: the side that I started on – where I started the beginning chain – is much tighter than the side I finished on. The finishing side is very stretchy and the starting side is not. Is this typical? Is there a fix for it? I didn’t use the larger hooks ( I think I had a 6.5) but I chained it longer than the pattern to try to adjust. Still turned out decent, but just wondering if there was a step I missed or something I could do in the future. Thanks!

  • Evangeline

    Just found your 45-minute tutorial while searching YouTube for a different Lion’s Brand yarn and decided to make this with the yarn I have on hand. Too bad I’m late for the giveaway… Or am I? This yarn I have seen at the shop where I get my yarn but have been reluctant to get it. Now that I’be seen the results, it is on my list for next time. It sure does work up into a beautiful finished product. Thanks for sharing.

    • Evangeline

      Worked this up as a gift for someone for Xmas with a different, mohair blend and it came out beautiful. On my way hime from my visit I stopped by my local ‘yarnerie’ and found a few skeins of the Amazing yarn reduced to $3.35 a skein and bought the last 3 they had. Cam3 home and quickly worried up 2 in crochet and am so pleased with the results and feel of them. Now, I am knitting the last skein and it is looking just as gorgeous!

  • Phyllis Prom

    Hi Vanessa: I loved your tutorial on the scarves, making them for Christmas gifts for granddaughters. I am emailing you because I would love to make tutorials of how to make my “Painting with Fabric” Landscape Art Quilts, which you can see on my etsy web site. Some of these art pieces take me hours and hours to make but I would be demonstrating how to make smaller ones. What equipment do I need to get to start making tutorials and can I do them by myself, also, do you get paid for doing them? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Phyllis Prom

  • Kay

    I loved your tutorial on making the cowl, looks great and easy enough to make. Will have to make these as gifts. Thanks Kay

    • Hailee

      The yarn she used has 147 yards of medium “4” yarn. I love making it with Lion Brand “Landscapes ” yarn. It doesn’t have wool like the “amazing” does, so it’s softer and not itchy.

  • susan Jacobs

    I just love this. I am learning to crochet and this is perfect. I will make several of these in different colors. So happy that I found you on Utube. Your directions are very easy to follow.


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