Jamberry Nail Wraps- Review Video

{Disclaimer: I did NOT receive any compensation or product for this post or my video. The opinions expressed in this post/video are all my own. The links included in this post are my hostess links. That means if you place an order for nail wraps using any of the links below I will earn credit & rewards for more product.}

Recently one of my old law school friends had a Jamberry nail wrap party at her house and invited me. I don’t do my nails and I don’t use nail polish but I went anyway to support her in her new endeavor. After she applied a nail wrap to one of my nails as a demo, I thought, “Seems pretty simple. Let me buy a sheet.” I went home and put the nail wraps on the rest of my finger nails. They were cute, inexpensive and easy to apply. I went about my daily life and to my surprise they remained pretty much intact even though my hands remain pretty active. They last almost 13 days until I removed them while filming this video for you!

Laura is an Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant. I am not. I’m just sharing my experience with these wraps and helping out a friend. I decided to film a video in case you are looking for an alternative to regular ol’ nail polish or have been considering giving these nail wraps a try.

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Here is a timeline peek at my first Jamberry nail wrap experience.

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Me personal opinion on Jamberry nail wraps:
• They hold up to my very rustic and busy lifestyle.
• They are quick and easy to apply and remove.
• My nails showed no signs of damage after removal of wraps.
• No stinky smells or drying time.
• Although I don’t believe they are completely “non-toxic”because they are made of PVC, I prefer them over conventional nail polish.
• I don’t plan to have a set of nail wraps on all the time but for the occasional pop of color or special occasional I’m okay with wearing them.

Now, I’ll leave you with the video review where Laura and I tell you all about Jamberry nail wraps. I’ll share my experience and you’ll learn how to properly apply and remove them. You’ll also learn about the wraps, how many come to a sheet, how many applications you can get from one sheet, etc. If you’ve never heard of these wraps or tried them I think you will enjoy this video!

Remember, if you want to give Jamberry nail wraps a try I would appreciate it if you used this link so Laura and I can get credit for it. Thanks for your support!

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