The Pattern That Changed My Life

This week I’m featured on Abby’s blog, While She Naps, as part of a summer long series she is hosting. Designers are guest posting every week and sharing the story of the pattern or book that changed their life.  This was a tough one for me!  I had to think way back when to the days when I first started quilting and designing. After having two kids I swear my brain is mush and I can barely remember things from a few days ago! Anyway, I wrote a guest post sharing my story and you can head on over to Abby’s blog to read it HERE. 

The complete list of all the designers being featured can be found HERE. Everyone has such great, inspirational stories! Definitely a good read.

{P.S.- If you’re a perfectionist quilter. Read my story… and then head on over to Craftsy and cash in on the crazy summer sale they are running right now! Every single class is up to 50% off. Click HERE to enjoy! }

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