Janome DC2014- Sewing Machine Review

If you follow me on Facebook you probably already know I recently teamed up with Janome Sewing Machines! I own three Janomes and love the quality of their machines so I’m excited about this new relationship.

{Disclaimer: This machine is on loan from Janome and I did NOT receive any additional compensation for this post or video review. I am including my Amazon affiliate links in this post so if you decide to purchase a sewing machine using any of the links provided I will earn a small percentage of the purchase price. Thanks for your support!}

I will be demo-ing their machines, creating tutorials with them and overall sharing my experience with the Janome machines with you. After trying the machines out I can decide if I want to purchase them for myself or send them back to Janome. I’ll keep you posted on my decisions as we go along!

For this first sewing machine review I wanted to try out a machine that I thought would be a good second machine or an upgrade machine for beginners.  If you are new to sewing or quilting and feel like you have outgrown your basic beginner sewing machine check out my video review of the Janome DC2014 below because it would be a great option for you to consider!

Watch the video review of the DC2014 sewing machine here to learn all about this machine and it’s capabilities! Don’t miss out on the multiple layers of denim demo I show in the video as well. That’s always a great way to gauge how heavy duty a sewing machine is, at least for me!

The Janome DC2014 is the brand new version of similar models that have come out in previous years. The DC2010, DC2011, DC2012DC2013 and DC2014 are all exactly the same. The only difference is the face plate color. If you enjoy this review and would like to save some money on the purchase of this machine consider getting one of the older models.  If you like to demo your machines in person contact your local Janome dealer to try one of these machines out. Some dealers may also carry the older models in stock and have them on sale to make way for new inventory!

If you have any of these models I’d love to hear about your experience! Leave me a comment below.

7 replies on “Janome DC2014- Sewing Machine Review

  • Amy

    Good job, very nice review. It’s great to see the features demo’d rather than just reading about them. I appreciate the info about the previous models too. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    I purchased this machine as an upgrade from a Brother machine that has always given me problems. This one truly does sew beautifully.

  • Janis

    I like your demonstrations and you are very knowledgeable and personable on screen. However, I am very slow and the when you go through the steps so fast I can’t keep up. I’m still at trying to figure out how to get the bobbin thread out of the bobbin. All my old machines, you just turned the wheel and the needle went down and grabbed the thread. I know I sound stupid, but I haven’t been able to use this machine and I haven’t had luck in finding classes. I find the instruction book difficult.

  • tim Pham

    thank you for your review. I didn’t know the difference between all the DC models, now I know they’re all the same

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