How to De-clutter Your House!

Hire a professional organizer! 
That’s what I did. And I’m not the least bit shy of telling you all about it.

I first heard about 3H Organizing (Happy House Home Organizing) in a local mom’s Facebook group. As soon as I saw the link to her Facebook page I had to check it out and inquire about her services. She came over for a consultation and the rest is history!
{If you live in the Gainesville/Alachua/High Springs area of Florida give her a call! Tell her I sent ya’!}

FYI- I’m sharing this info because I get dozens of daily emails from other busy, working moms asking me what my secret is. How can I possibly do so much in a day?!

Here is the secret, y’all: 

Yup, I rarely do any cleaning. My husband does most of the chores including laundry, dishes, cleaning, sweeping, etc.  He works a 9-5 job so as you can imagine he can’t come home after a full day’s work tend to the farm animals and keep the house spotless. Since my jobs including taking care of the kids, cooking fresh from-scratch meals, the occasional farm work and running a business, something’s got to give. And that “something” is the house cleaning! There is no way I could add keeping my house in tip-top shape to my to-do list. Well, I could do it but I would just be miserable and burned out. It’s not gonna happen. So, I hired some help.

Callie is great! She took pictures of the place, wrote up a full report with suggestions and got straight to work this week.  She spent 3 hours in my house and I feel like I can breath easier now that she left with an SUV full up junk stuff.

We live in a double-wide mobile home and our closet is itty-bitty.  One thing I did do ahead of time was get 100 ultra thin non-slip cascade hangers. I need to take advantage of every inch of closet rod I have. My husband has actual “work clothes” so he gets the longer of two closet rods. As for those new hangers, I stayed away from the black ones because many of you told me on they leave black fluff on your clothes. So, I went with a lighter color just in case. A ton of companies make them in different colors and styles and so far these work great for me.  I put 100 of them on and still didn’t use up the whole 56″ rod. Not bad! But I definitely need to save up and get some more to replace my husband’s side of the closet.

Callie even rearranged our clothes and sorted them out by style (tanks, short-sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve)- crazy! My husband’s drawers were impeccable. Everything neatly folded away.

She left with a ton of bags filled with clothes. I did not bother altering them because to take in old clothes from a size 16 to a size 8 was NOT going to happen. I’m starting fresh with new clothes and a home-sewn wardrobe this year! She even takes the clothes to a consignment shop for me and brings me any money I make from clothes they buy and then donates the rest to hospice! I love this lady. I don’t have to do any of that leg work. Totally worth the money. That’s why next week she’ll be back again to tackle another room in my house! YAY!

Here are some pictures of the first day of OPERATION: De-clutter my house!
declutter home
She pulled everything out of the closet! AHH! So much stuff! {Don’t mind Jonathan photo-bombing the picture.} 
declutter home
The after shot of the finished closet. So tidy!

declutter home
I just have the one bar for my clothes but the slim hangers really do help!

declutter home
I can actually walk in now! Yay!
declutter home
What she took out of my house! PHEW! 
 Have you ever hired a professional organizer before? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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