Here’s the situation. One of my childhood best friends is getting married back home, in Miami, in March. That’s less than two months away! AH! Obviously, I need to wear something to this wedding and I have N-O-T-H-I-N-G right now. Since I’ve lost so much weight I thought it would only make sense to make myself an outfit. Right? Ok.

Here’s the problem. I don’t know what to make and most of the patterns I already have on hand are for sizes I used to wear and I’m not up for having to grade patterns and all that right now. Just don’t have time for it. So, I’ve created this pinterest board called “Maxi Dress Help!”. I’m using it to pin some inspirational pictures of the dress I’d like to make/wear.

I’ve already added some pics to it so you can see what I kinda like.
Here are some other maxi dresses I found on the web and liked.

• I like the silhouette and the wide tank sleeves. Isn’t that orchid color the Pantone color of the Year?:

• To die for! I love everything about this dress, except the color:

• Love how this flows. Airy & feminine:

What I know for sure:
• I want it to be a maxi dress. {a.k.a- a full length skirt)
• It needs to be lightweight and fit for a tropical climate. {Hello, 100% humidity.}

The rest can vary and I will consider any and all silhouettes and dress types! So, here is where your help comes into play. If you see a maxi dress that you think fits with what I’m looking for please pin it to one of your Pinterest boards (or comment on it) and include the hashtag #CGmaxidresshelp.  Every day I’ll be checking to see what you all have pinned for me to look at and review.  I know it can take a few days for this hashtag to be searchable but rest assured I will check out each one you pin! Here is what you can pin:

• A maxi dress that would be cute to wear to a tropical wedding (think hot/humid Miami, FL)
• A tutorial for a DIY maxi dress
• A pattern review of a maxi dress
• Pattern numbers for a maxi dress {so I can look up the pattern and see what I think}

If I end up making the maxi dress, tutorial or pattern you pinned {or the one I based my inspiration off of} you may be featured in an upcoming YouTube video! So be sure to pin relevant dresses and pics using the hashtag #CGmaxidresshelp.

Thank you and I hope this will work because I have less than two months to decide on the dress, get the fabric, make it and rock it!
I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my decision as I get further along in the DIY process.

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