How to Make a Pair of Leggings- DIY Tutorial

WOW. I cannot believe I totally forgot to blog about a video tutorial I posted last month where I show you how to take a pair of leggings you already have and create a pattern from it so you can recreate as many new pairs as you want! My apologies if you missed out on it.   

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Anyway, here it is! Click HERE to watch the video tutorial.

As you can see I make these in all kinds of fabrics and even enjoy tie-dyeing them with Rit liquid dye. To learn more about how I tie-dye my leggings click HERE for a step-by-step video tutorial.

This video is Part 1 in a two part series where I first show you how to make the leggings and then in Part 2 I show you how to tie-dye them and give them new life! Check out the before and after picture below.

Believe it or not… those are the exact same pair of leggings!

Watch the video and start making dozens of these leggings. They are perfect to wear all year round!

Happy sewing!

One reply on “How to Make a Pair of Leggings- DIY Tutorial

  • Pamela H

    I love your video for this Tutorial! I am going to make myself some denim leggings from some knit stretch denim that I mistakenly bought for a rag quilt, if it goes well I’ll probably have enough to make a vest to match. Any chance you’ll make a rag quilt tutorial in the future? I really like your style Vanessa! BTW my denim is red denim with black leopard print I bought from JoAnn’s online-LOL! Can’t wait to make them from my other denim jean leggings styled pants. Should be a fun project!


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