Reversible Fleece Beanie Hat – DIY Tutorial & Free Pattern

Believe it or not it’s still pretty chilly here in Florida. It’s wreaking havoc on my spring planting schedule and I can’t wait for it to really be Spring! High 30ºs-40ºs at night is NOT what I was expecting this late in March… oh well! To help me stay toasty I decided to whip up a reversible fleece beanie hat and create a tutorial for you!  It’s pretty much the same as my other fleece hat tutorial but this one doesn’t have the ear flaps. For that tutorial you can click HERE.
In this video I also teach you some basics about sewing with fleece fabric including how to tell the pretty side from the ugly (wrong) side, how to lay out your fabric so the stretch is running along the correct grain line, etc.  The FREE pattern is also provided for this project right in two different sizes. Click to purchase for $0.00 and download the ADULT SIZE or the CHILD SIZE. 
This is a SUPER easy and fun beginner project. It would be great to make with kids and I know a lot of you live in colder places that I so you could still make one to wear this year.  
*BONUS- It’s fully reversible so you can make two hats in one!*
The fabric I use in this video tutorial was provided by my latest video sponsor:
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41 replies on “Reversible Fleece Beanie Hat – DIY Tutorial & Free Pattern

  • April R

    I am making this for my baby girl today. Her hat from when she was born is much too small, and at 7 months she can fit a child’s size hat, so finding one in the store was difficult. Thank you so much for providing this tutorial!!

  • Kathy Bishop

    I just made this hat and my grandson loves it. He now wants me to make one for all his friends. This was so easy and your tutorial was right on. Thank you so much

  • Lelith

    Hi Vanessa Thanks for the tips and I just want to ask if where can I buy this rotary cutter I really want it when I will begin my diy project inspired by you.thanks I From the Phiippines.

  • Laurie Zahar

    Hi Vanessa,
    Great tutorial. I don’t see your top stitching on your finished product. Are you using clear thread? Does the top stitch around the band affect the stretch at all? I’m glad I found you; you are a great teacher!

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      The fleece is so bulky the stitches just hide themselves in the fabric. If the stitch is too tight and you have too much presser foot tension on the fabric then it can distort and stretch out the band. make your stitch a little longer (3.5) and make sure the fabric isn’t struggling to clear the presser foot and you should be good to go. Happy sewing!

  • LouAnn

    Hi, I click to download the pattern for the Reversible Fleece Beanie Hats for the Adults and Child sizes, but it will not come up. I have been excited to do them. Could you please help.


  • Trayne1837

    I tried 3 times and it will not let me download.. I put my legitimate email in and it comes up .. please use a valid email address. I have this happen a lot. but I’ve had that email since I first signed into the internet.
    I wanted the child size

  • Sandra Easley

    I love his tutorial & want to make some of the hats. I downloaded the patterns but how do I get written directions for putting it together? Am I missing a link somewhere?

    • Paula Moen

      I would also like written instructions I know it looks easy but sometimes when I”m sewing things I like to have step by step written instructions.

      • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

        Hi Paula. Because my forte is in video instruction I don’t usually write out my patterns and instructions for my video projects as well. Sorry.

  • Jaki

    I found u on utube and think u r just great! I wanted to do the beanies for myself and kids but when I clicked to go to ur link for the patterns I received the message that the site was unsafe and bc of my Antivirus app I couldn’t go beyond that point. Would love to have both the reverable ones w and wo ear flaps. I’ve been playing around w fleece yet the tops of my hats come out boxy unless I do the ones w pom poms on top and I don’t want all pom poms lol.

    Please help if you can.


  • Christine

    I made one of the beanies out of cotton jersey for a friend who is having chemo. It is perfect as she wanted something to wear indoors so the fabric is great,soft,stretchy and breathable.It is so simple to make and your tutorial is excellent, very easy to follow☺. I’ve now made her another , both with contrasting colours.

  • Meg

    I’m hoping to make two coordinating hats for a big sister/little brother gift, but I need some help with sizing. Do you have any suggestions for the size/age the child pattern would fit? And what might be your suggestion to make this pattern smaller for a newborn? Would I just printed it in a smaller scale, say perhaps 10% smaller?

  • Mary Bennett

    I make these for chemo caps for the winter. I work on an onocolgy unit and the patients love them. I often use leftover Seahawks fleece

  • Mindy

    We love this pattern. Last year we made and donated 40 hats to Roswell Park Cancer Institute and this year we are hoping to up it to 50 hats. They love them there.

  • Siri

    This is honestly a great pattern! I measuerd first and thought it would fit to snug but now endet up following the original beacause my first trial was to big! Easy to follow instructions, nicely fitting pattern, I’m in love! Thank you so much! This will help tremendulously with the christmas present for my sistern (a hat with cat ears)

  • Yen

    It keeps saying my email is invalid. I have already signed up the newsletter. Is the pattern free or not? Or I have to buy the kit?

  • Mazzy

    I wanted to like this adult pattern, but it is too small. The video is great! It was easy enough for an infrequent sewer to make in an afternoon. My head meauses 23 inches, hubby 24 inches. He couldn’t even get it on.

    The band message 11 inches folded, so 22 inches.
    The skull part measures 5 3/4 x 4 = 23 inches.
    A quarter inch seam means the 22 is 21 1/2 and the 23 is 22 1/2.

    Is it as simple as adding a 1/2 inch to the band (since it is folded it will be 1 inch) and then 1/4 inch to each of the 4 sections (1/8th on each side)? I noticed the band is not a rectangle but has a slant to it. Will this mess it up?

    I really wanted to make the ear flap version, but I though I’d test this one out. I suspect there will be a sizing problem with the ear flap version too and it’s complicated by the positioning of the flaps. I don’t this often enough to easily make changes. I have this fear the ear flaps will end up in some weird position if I try to increase the size 🙂

    I really like the video and how it is made. I googled for adult sizes and found:
    Small: 23
    Medium: 24
    Large: 25
    XLarge: 26

    I did double check the reference square provided and it did measure 1 inch.

    Anyone else have success in enlarging the ear flap version of this pattern.

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      You can set your printer to print at 102% or 104% (and so on) if you want to keep all pieces proportional and still increase size across the board. If you cut the fleece with the crosswise grain going across the headband part then it should still have plenty of stretch. If it’s cut along the lengthwise grain it won’t stretch. Hope that helps.

      • Mazzy

        I just finished reading all the youtube comments for the fleece hat with ear flap version and there was one comment that said he printed it at 105% and 110% and selected the one where the band fit his head. I’ll give that a shot and see how it works out. I think I’ll look for the band to measure close to large (25 or 12.5). I definitely want to make it wider (I guess that is the circumference), but I’m so sure about taller/deeper. I’m concerned where the ear flaps will wind up 🙂 Definitely going to try this, but use scrap matter until I get it down. Thank you.

  • Joy

    I made the fleece beanie and it has been claimed by my daughter. I looked at her wearing it while we were out shopping today and I felt very proud. It’s a sewing success. Thank you very much for a great pattern.

  • supermom1490

    Love the pattern but what I want to know is which stitch you use. When I stretch it to put on the stitches pop. Please let me know, thank you.

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      I would use a stretch/lightning or narrow zig zag stitch so they don’t pop. Also, make sure you use a good quality polyester thread and not a cotton thread or old thread. Both will break more easily than an all-purpose polyester thread.

  • Karen Gregoire

    I have been making this pattern for a couple of years, and when I lost one of my hats the other day, I sat down and made myself a couple more of these. I have also made other companies’ patterns but this one is by far my favourite. So quick and easy, and I love the fit. (Just realized I have been using a straight stitch instead of a stretch stitch. I guess I have been lucky not to have any popped stitches!)

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