Sourdough, Jam, S’mores and Family!

We had a very busy {non-work related} weekend here and I loved every second of it! My youngest sister and her roommate took a break from their college studying and came up from Tampa to visit us, play with the kids and help us get started on our Spring garden. My mom even popped in for the day on Saturday to visit us too!

Saturday morning we worked in the garden planting carrots, potatoes and two types of green beans. I filmed a short video of what we did and the kids helping. Click HERE to watch the video. 
Later that day we baked some sourdough bread with my new starter and enjoyed it with the strawberry jam I made last week.  YUMM-O!
{Side notes: I use THIS RECIPE to create my sourdough starter. I used the strawberry jam recipe included in the pectin package I use. THIS is the one I use. I love it because the sweetener amount necessary is on a sliding scale so you use your sweetener of choice and in a lot less quantity than traditional jam recipes. We use organic evaporated cane juice as our sweetener.}
My new sourdough starter.
Organic low-sugar strawberry jam made by me! 12 pints of strawberries yielded all this- 1 quart, 6 pints, and 3 half pints.
Later that night we decided on some outdoor fun because the weather was so nice.
A cool 55º F and a super clear sky. 
We set up a little bonfire and made s’mores with the kids.
(From left to right) my mom, hubby, Baby Allie, Jonathan, Me and my youngest sister, Melissa.
Enjoying the bonfire!
My hubby and the kids…. Jonathan looking like his little mischievous self. LOL

All in all it was a great weekend. I stayed very busy but still felt like I was relaxing. I also managed to finish all 12 of my blocks for my Victorian Modern Quilt Along. 

Hope you had a fun weekend too!

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  • Mosaic Magpie

    Great minds think alike! I started a sourdough mix yesterday. The link to the starter you used was full of information. I used the recipe with potato flakes and yeast in the mix. The recipe I have was handwritten by a dear friend that passed away many years ago. She was a great cook and I loved thinking about her taking the time to write the recipe out for me, while I was mixing my starter.


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