Funnel Pour Column: Champagne Bubbles Soap-Part 2 (Cutting)

I recently had a collaboration with Catherine from the Soaping101 YouTube channel. We have this two-video collaborative effort, Catherine doing part 1 while I show you part 2. Part 1 is where she is going to walk you through step by step on how to make these really cool champagne bubbles soap- funnel pour column. In part 2, I will show you how I unmold my soap from a Pringle’s container and cut up the bar soap. I let it sit for about three and a half days. Just to make sure that it is totally solid hard or can be cut. I have two types of soap cutter, a crinkle cutter and a straight one. I did this soap making three times and tried a few color combinations. As a result, I love how it all came out and they are really cute. 

Once again, if you are looking for more tutorials on soap making, then check out Catherine’s channel at the Soapmaking101 YouTube channel

Here’s part 1: How to Make Funnel Pour Column Soap (champagne bubbles soap). Click HERE

Here’s part 2: Champagne Bubbles Soap: Funnel Pour Column (cutting). Enjoy and I hope you try this. 

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