When my husband is on vacation it’s a mad dash to get as much work done as I can! So, this week it’s been pretty crazy over here so I’ll fill you in with a quick recap on what we’ve been doing around here…

Had a blast at the Noche Buena party at my mom’s house. Jonathan was the life of the party and everyone was enjoying his cool dance moves. He looooooves the spotlight, can you tell?! {hmmm.. I have no idea where he gets that from}

Jonathan in the dancing circle.

He was also the youngest {and shortest} in the conga line and loved every second of it. He kept telling me he loved to “play follow the leader.” What a cutie my little man is growing up to be!

Jonathan in the family conga line!

He’s also started using the new sewing machine he got for Christmas. {Disclaimer: I DO NOT recommend this with all kids his age. You know your kids/grandkids. Teach them how to use a sewing machine when you think they are ready.} He is so careful and meticulous that I feel comfortable letting him start learning the basics.  All the sample muslin scraps you see in the picture below are lines he sewed ALL BY HIMSELF! I jokingly tell my husband that at this rate he is going to be making quilts by his 5th birthday!

My silly guy with his very first sewing machine and some samples he stitched by himself.

He is loving his new machine and already knows basic sewing terminology: thread spool, thread, bobbin, bobbin winder, presser foot, feed dogs, pins, straight stitch, zig zag, etc. I only need to teach him something once or twice and he catches on. He’s a very fast learner. So far so good.

Many of you have asked me for tips on starting to teach a child to sew so I’m working on a series of videos to show you what I’m working on with him in hopes that it will give you some confidence and ideas to try out with the little wannabe sewists in your life! Stay tuned for that…

Jonathan’s first sewing lesson on his new machine! I love his little foot on that pedal! AH!
He’s also been playing in the garden and wanted to harvest this big turnip today.

…and my baby girl just walks around the garden yanking up random chunks of kale for a midday snack.  She sure does love to eat… don’t ask me where she gets that from.

15 month old Allie eating a kale snack from the garden.
 Hope you are enjoying the holidays! Happy New Year to you and yours!
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