Giveaway Winners & Sale Coupon

Just wanted to drop a quick post to announce the 2 giveaway winners for the Montessori At Home! eBook & printables giveaway…and offer you a $2 off sale coupon on the Montessori at Home! eBook in case you weren’t selected as a giveaway winner.

After the $2 savings the almost 300-page eBook is only $6.95!  You can’t beat that!  To read my take on the eBook and why I had to buy it myself click HERE. You can also go straight to the author’s website for even more info:

Click for $2 off!

And the winners are……

I know you will put the materials to good use!
Again thanks to everyone who entered and to John Bowman, Montessor At Home! author, for allowing me to host this fabulous giveaway. 
You still have a chance to purchase the eBook for $2.00 off the regular price by clicking HERE.
Don’t let your kids or grandkids miss out!

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