How to Make an Infinity Scarf- DIY Sewing Tutorial

The weather hasn’t cooled down yet for us here in Florida but I know some other parts of the country have already seen snow! So, what better DIY (do-it-yourself) project than an infinity scarf to help keep you warm as the weather cools for Autumn/Winter.

It’s a great beginner project and you only need a few supplies aside from a sewing machine.  Even if you don’t have a machine you could sew it up by hand. It would (obviously) take a lot longer but it’s totally do-able! I love that this project is unisex.  Men, women and even kids can rock an infinity scarf.  Just play around with the width and length measurements to get the look you want.

As far as your fabric choice goes you could pretty much make the infinity scarf out of any fabric you want.  I use more light-medium weight fabrics because we don’t have real cold weather here. In the video I show you two different scarves one made with cotton gauze fabric and the other with a stretch knit.

I love that the scarf can be worn in a ton of different styles.  Here are the two most common.  But if you made it even longer you could do a lot more with it. 

Infinity scarf worn as a single loop around neck.
Infinity scarf doubled up.


{Note: The adjustable dress form I have is this one. They also have the same one but for smaller sizes. }

Now, here is the step-by-step video tutorial on the infinity scarf. Enjoy it!  You can also click HERE to go directly to the video.

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