Olympic Rings Puzzle for Kids Tutorial

I know the 2012 Olympics are already over but I’m still working on a few more tutorials as part of Invade London going on on YouTube.  This one was a lot of fun to create because it’s really easy, washable, and great for kids to play with. 

My 3 yr old son loves to play with this puzzle! What I do is print out a color image of the Olympic Rings and place it next to him with the 5 different colored rings.  I then have him look at the image and recreate the Olympic logo himself by lining up and interlocking the rings to match the image.  I was surprised at how quickly he was able to do it!  I think he may have my puzzle-loving genes. Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed all kinds of puzzles and logic games.

I’ll have to start brainstorming some more fabric puzzle ideas I can make for him.  They are fun to make and I love using Pellon’s Peltex 72F product to create anything stiff that is still washable- like my ABC-123 Fabric Flashcards. 

You can view the video tutorial below or if you’re reading this in your email just click HERE to view it.

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