British Flag/Union Jack Pillow Tutorial

It’s Week 3 of Invade London and my project is a British Flag mini pillow that I think is just adorable!

I didn’t use any fusible web or anything in this video because I know not everyone carries those type of products on hand and some people just want to be able to make a project without it.  I only used pins and it worked out perfectly! Give it a try… it’s a really fun little project!

I had a lot of fun designing this project and I hope it will help some of you since I have received several requests for tutorials on making the British flag out of fabric.  There are tons of other ways to do it and if you want to check out a bunch of them HERE.

Watch the video below (if you are reading this on my site) otherwise click HERE. Don’t forget to pin! I love pins!
And don’t forget to shop sewing tools and notions (pins included!) here in The Crafty Gemini Shop.

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