Olympic Gold Medal Craft Project

For the London 2012 Summer Olympics creators from all over the world are taking over YouTube with the most awesome Olympics videos ever. So for the next six weeks I’ll be posting one Olympics or British related video tutorial each week. The team I’m on is called- Team Let’s Hang Out Sometime and we are all making some really fun and cool videos as part of this program. 

I was feeling brave this week and headed out to my studio to film the tutorial with both kids in tow… and by myself! I included my almost three year old son in the video on how to make an Olympic gold medal that’s great fun for kids to play with.  He was my little on-camera helper! Surprisingly, it went very smoothly and he loves to help me make new crafts so this was right up his alley. Watch the video to see him action.

To learn how to make this easy craft project for your kids watch my video tutorial HERE or you can watch it below if you are reading this on my website.

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Check out the rest of my teammates channels for some more fun Olympic & London related videos.


You can also go to YouTube.com/CreatorHub to see more amazing gold medal videos.

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  • @somerskys

    Hi Vanessa, I actually just met u through a video that i saw from the fastastic April Morris! sooo i came over to visit this blog, and loved immediately the GOLDMETAL u and ur precious son Johnatan did. and u are right I COULD FOLLOW UR INSTRUCTIONS PERFECTLY cause the friendly step by step way u explained it! remind me to tell u why this is really important! cause i am a brain hemmorage survivor! I WAS REAL SMART BEFORE TO SAVE MY LIFE THE DOCTORS HAD TOREMOVE SOMEOF MY BRAIN ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY BRAIN so even tho i was young when this happened it left me with some disabilities so i was a little scared at first to even look at ur vid of sewing bcause i am always scared that i cannot follow instructions, BEFORE THIS BRAIN HEMMORAGE I WAS A COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEER AND HIGH SCHOLL CALCULUS CHEM AND PHYSICS TEACHER ALL OF THIS WAS SOOOO EASY TO ME. SO VANESSA U HELPED ME TO SEE, cause i could foolow u, THAT I AM STILL SMART. ;i too am a JUNE BABY OR GEMINI:’) YAY FOR US!!!!!!!


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