Making a Tank Top Pattern from a Onesie

Kicking off a new series called Clothes from Clothes.  I’ll be teaching you how to take articles of clothing you already have and create a pattern from them so you can make more clothes that look and fit nicely.  I’m starting off simple with baby’s clothes.  In this tutorial we will trace around a baby onesie and use it to create a tank top or tank dress pattern that can be made over and over again.  So easy, too.

In this video I’ll show you the two rulers I love to use when I’m creating my own patterns- a straight quilting ruler and Curvey.

A local sewing/quilting friend of mine is the creator of Curvey and her husband makes each one right here in Florida. They have been so generous to offer one Curvey ruler up for a giveaway.  To enter for your chance to win this very handy ruler watch the video tutorial for all entry details.

  Hurry and enter because the giveaway ends tomorrow, Friday the 13th at 11:59pm. 
Click HERE to watch the tutorial or you can watch it below if you are reading this post on my website.

7 replies on “Making a Tank Top Pattern from a Onesie

  • Carolyn P. from Canada

    I never knew what that ruler was for. I inherited some sewing supplies, but gave that one away. Now I know what it’s for.
    I’ve been wanting to make some clothes for my daughter and her teddy bear, and here this video just comes along. Thank you for showing me this very week, right when I needed to know this.

  • Green Gardner

    What a cool tool! I am always looking for something new to use, and this looks like what I really need to get started making clothes for my daughter. I recently quit my job to be a stay at home mommy, and am using my time to design clothes, and hopefully make some to sell! This would make life so much simpler, and I can see from the couple of garments I have already made that this tool would help to make the curve just right. Please consider me for your drawing!

  • Beth

    That is a great tool! I would like to make some patterns from existing clothing, and now that I have seen your Curvey ruler, I am pretty sure I can’t live without one now.

  • My Scrappy Quilts

    I’ve been sewing for over 40 years and have made tons of clothing including t-shirts. I took 4 years of sewing in high school and have tailored many items. Without adding a seam allowance in both the neck and sleeve area you will not get the same neckline or sleeve shape as the original shirt. The only way it will stay the same is if you are not going to add any ribbing there and just leave it unfinished. While you may not need a full 5/8″ seam allowance there, you should add enough seam allowance to allow your final garment to have the same neckline and sleeve hole unless you are truly wanting it to be much larger than your original t-shirt.

  • sweetsueemily

    I am already subscribed to your video tutorials and your blog. I look forward to them everyday. I would love to win the curvy ruler because I want to start making patterns for myself and my grand daughter. I am following your series on making clothes from clothes and I want use the curvy for helping me draw necklines and sleeve lines, amongst other uses. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.


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