Sewing with Knits Series

Today is the launch of a new video tutorial series I am working on.  Really exciting stuff!… especially since so many of you have messaged me with your questions and concerns about sewing with stretch knit fabrics. I thought it was time to do a whole series on it now that I’m done with the Video Quilt Along. So, no more worries! I’m going to do my best to walk you through the basics and some fun and easy knit projects!

I recently placed an order for some great new knit fabrics from HEREto play around with some of the different blends a little more.  I suggest you do the same. Stretch knits come in SO MANY different blends and fiber content types it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  In the stash you see above I have cotton, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, modal and a bunch of blends. I say start with 100% cotton and then play around with cotton blends after that and go from there.

If you have ever been afraid to tackle a project with stretch knits this is the time for you to jump right into it!  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE so you won’t miss any of the upcoming videos in the series. Now sit back and enjoy Part 1 of the Sewing with Knits series.  As we go along I am confident you will be making comfortable clothes in no time!

I love pins!

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