I’m kinda enjoying these thrifty little remixes I’ve been doing lately. First the rusty old soda rack, then the wooden basket thingy and now this… a dish rack? Yup!

When my husband and I moved in together we each brought with us a dish rack from our previous homes. Well, there was only room for one so the other one (probably his) got tossed in the garage for over 3 years.  When everything came with us to the farm house last year I found this little guy in a box of garage stuff = a ton of junk you never knew you had and just want to get rid of.

Being the crafty little critter that I am I was determined to use it one way or another. It didn’t take me but a few minutes to come up with the perfect plan to give this little guy a new life. I don’t know exactly what material is on the outside of the rack but it feels like something in between rubber and plastic or a combo of the two. So, I wasn’t sure that just spray painting it would work. I tried it. It rubbed right off= fail.  Plan B= Spray primer (affiliate link) (I had the gray version of this (affiliate link) on hand) on it, then the spray paint (affiliate link) and just to be sure I sprayed it over top with a clear gloss coat (affiliate link). That did the trick! You can always just keep it as is and not bother with the painting.

 A bright & funky new storage rack for my sewing patterns!

I love how it keeps them all standing up so you can flip through and pull the one you need just like when you buy the patterns in the fabric stores. I was unsure as to how many patterns it would actually be able to hold but You can squeeze more than one into each slot and the width of my dish rack is just right to house two rows of patterns. I stuffed 50 patterns and the rack wasn’t even full so I’d estimate between 65-75 patterns would fit nicely in the Rubbermaid- Large Dish Drainer/Rack I used.

And if you run out of space on the inside of the rack you always have a few more slots…

 …around the outside as well!
Hope you enjoyed my dish rack remix and found some inspiration to reuse or recycle something in your home.
I love pins!

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