How to Make a Wallet from Plastic Bags- Life Reimagined Project

With all the exciting things going on in my life these past few weeks I almost forgot to blog about my latest sewing tutorial… oops!

I created this tutorial after being contacted by YouTube and AARP to participate in their newly launched LifeReimagined Project.

The LifeReimagined Project is basically a network of peers and mentors who will support each other on their path towards exploring the “what’s next in life?”  A place where you can meet and interact with others who are looking to do something different with their lives.  Whether it’s pursuing a passion you’ve always had or maybe you’re someone who is looking for a totally new career path and would like to explore your options.

This tutorial was created to get you thinking about “reimagining” your life similar to how I reimagine a few plastic bags and give them new life as a fully functional (and eco-firendly) tri-fold wallet in this video tutorial. 

So many of you have contacted me to tell me how my tutorials have helped you launch your own small at-home business that I thought this LifeReimagined Project would be just perfect to introduce to my readers.  Check out the videos and stories posted at LifeReimagined Project and be inspired to do something new or different with your life.. perhaps take your passion for crafting to the next level!

Who knows?! Maybe some of you will consider swapping your professional degrees for a camera to post crafting videos on YouTube full time… like I did!

Wanna learn how to make your own plastic bag wallet?

3 replies on “How to Make a Wallet from Plastic Bags- Life Reimagined Project

  • Ar(t) lene)

    Crafty,Crafty, Beautiful Friend. You inspire me. 52 years young and a life long recycler and crafter! I am a retired Dental Hygienist walking the streets of Providence, RI each day trying to teach the less fortunate young girls (and Boys) how to make do with what they have. It’s a big task, but when they get it, THEY GET IT!! you have lots of great projects and to see such a pretty face and a great Mom doing all these wonderful things makes me Happy!! keep up the great work, sincerely , Arlene L. PS would love to hear from you!!

  • Nathalie-jane Valentin

    I MADE THIS! thank you so much for your tutorials! You have no idea what an inspiration and a teacher you have been to me. I have a similar story to yours and I feel I have been able to relate to you so much. Thank you for what you do!


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