Crafty Gemini mini-me?!

Today I thought I would post a video that definitely made my week!  One of my friends loves to cook, bake and do all kinds of crafts with her kids and apparently they enjoy watching my video tutorials, too.

So, the other day her 4-year old daughter, Elliana, sneaks away to her room with some fabric.  Her mom goes to check on her 5 minutes later because she was awfully quiet and it turns out she was working on my latest tutorial- How To Make Picnic Placemats for Summer! Too cute!

She then asks her mom to video her teaching how to do it just like I do.  I love it!  My own Crafty Gemini mini-me!  She even tries to mimic what I say in my tutorials!  You all have to see this! Isn’t she just the cutest?!

She definitely has a future on YouTube!

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