Today I received a very special delivery…a baby to add to my collection. She is sleek and sexy and sews like butter! After days of research and reading hundreds of reviews for all kinds of sewing machines, I decided on this beauty….

 A brand-spanking new Brother PC-420 PRW (Project Runway Limited Edition)
If you recall, I recently sold my old machine because I was ready for a change.  My old machine had embroidery capabilities and I hardly ever used it so, I knew I was looking for a simpler machine.  I did however want something with a few bells & whistles and the cute little scissors button you see here:

That is an automatic thread cutter! Yup, you read that correctly…. a simple press of a button and the machine cuts your threads for you when you are done sewing! LOVE THAT!

I have yet to come up with a name that suits her.
I mean, this baby is perfect!

She has 294 stitches, 3 different alphabet fonts, the craziest automatic needle threader I’ve ever seen- it works perfectly every single time!…needle up/down function, speed control, horizontal thread delivery for two spools, and a knee lift!  Oh, and did I mention I don’t have to buy any specialty feet because this baby came with everything I could possibly need! Seriously, a quilting/darning foot, walking foot, open-tow applique foot, non-stick foot, zipper foot, and the list goes on and on!  I also love that a hard case to protect it that was included as well.

She is super easy to use and within minutes of taking her out of the box I was making a pair of pajama pants for my DS.  She sews sooooo smoothly and isn’t junky or jingly.  My favorite part has to be how quiet she is!  My old machine was rather loud and since I do most of my sewing late at night in the room next to my baby’s, I am beyond ecstatic that I no longer have to worry about waking him up with my sewing!   I am in love!

With the holidays right around the corner there are tons of online shops offering this machine at discounted rates.  You can usually find it HERE for the best price. If anyone is looking for a new machine, I definitely recommend this one! Here are links to some of the reviews I read before deciding on this machine:

…gotta go! I’m off to go sew some more!

6 replies on “My new baby!

  • Deb

    I see on the website it shows it has a “quilting foot” so I’m assuming that means a 1/4″ foot? You really love it that much? I see the reviews are really good for it. I have a Bernina that I spent about 4 or 5 times what this one is costing. I love my machine, but it is rather noisy and doesn’t have the automatic cutting, which would be really nice….hum, maybe a suggestion for a christmas gift.

  • Bethany

    She’s a beauty! Sometimes I think a small machine would be really nice especially just for piecing. And the scissors are to die for! Very tempting.

    Enjoy your new baby!

  • Debbie B Sam

    Oh please help me!! I have this machine too and LOVE it to pieces, however I can NOT get an accurate 1/4″ out of her! I have the 1/4″ foot with the guide on the side, and just yesterday finished up a quilt that was supposed to be 70 x 80 and it ended up 62 x 72. Have you used this for piecing? Can you tell me what settings or what you use? Thanks!!

  • Crafty Gemini

    Debbie: I tried to email you but the email is bouncing back.
    Here’s what I do: You know the generic universal foot that comes with the machine? Well, it is like part clear plastic and the sides are metal. I place the needle in the middle position (this machine automatically sets the needles position to the left for a 5/8″ seam allowance since it’s a Project runway model and I guess they assume most people buy it for garment making)… anyway, when you turn on the machine change the needle position to the center… and then I guide the edge of my fabric along the inside edge of where the plastic part meets the right metal edge of the foot… if that makes sense. Since the center is clear I can see where I’m running the edge of my fabric on without letting it go under the metal part of the foot. I hope that helps! You can also just purchase a generic 1/4″ presser foot available from a ton of online vendors.

    Good luck! :o)



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