New Moda Honey Bun for me

Before we left on our mini vacation last week I put in an order with Quilting Lodge for my first ever precut!  Can you believe it?  I have never made anything from precut fabric packs.  You know… charm packs, Honey Buns, Turnovers, Jelly Rolls, etc. I think it’s mostly because I looooove cutting fabric! Honestly, cutting is one of my favorite parts of the quilt-making process.  Am I the only one?  Most everyone I know hates cutting.  They claim they don’t like the math! Can you believe that?!  Quilting is ALL ABOUT math! That’s why I love it so much.

I purchased a MODA Objects of Desire by Sandy Gervais Honey Bun from Quilting Lodge… for $12.99! The shipping was only $2.25!  I won’t mention any other sites but I did a quick online search and I found the exact same Honey Bun for $21.95 in some places….heavens knows I didn’t stick around long enough to see what shipping would be. Ouch.

What to make with this Honey Bun… hmmmm…..

I’m happy to have such great sponsors who offer us quality products at amazing prices!


9 replies on “New Moda Honey Bun for me

  • Vanessa

    I like the honey bun, I just have a question. So, do you still have to pre-wash the fabrics before you sew them? And if you do, what kind of size fabric do you end up with? I have never ordered pre-cut fabric either, and was just curious.

  • Laurie

    I would not prewash these as they would just become tangled rags. You might be able to serge all the edges, if you own a serger, but that is a lot effort!

  • Crafty Gemini

    Vanessa: I agree with Laurie. Don’t wash them! The honey bun strips are only 1.5″ long by the width of the fabric (~45″). I don’t even plan on serging them because then you may run into issues of it gathering your strips or if the stitch is too wide it will eat up all your seam allowance and you’ll end up with even smaller strips. They are just used as they are and the quilt is washed after the project is complete. I would wash it in cold water just to make sure no bleeding colors are set into lighter fabrics.

  • pixiesand

    I also love to cut! (And everyone I know hates it.) In fact, that’s what I do. I work at a quilt shop cutting kits.
    Honey Buns are my favorite pre-cuts. I love to make little bags and book covers out of them.

  • Crafty Gemini

    Pixiesand: hahaha… what a job! That would be so relaxing! And it’s definitely not a job for just anybody… you gotta have great attention to detail and be very precise! Good job! :o)

  • Morellocherry

    Hi, i’ve just started up sewing and i recently made a pillow and i used your tutorial for the envelope pillow cover! It worked out great, so thanks 🙂 I’m still learning on all the bits and pieces i need to get because im really wanting to make a patch work quilt for my daughter! So im really thankful for your vids!
    Plus, im in the process of moving to FL permanently and i just saw it says you’re from FL too, lol.
    Great blog!

  • Crafty Gemini

    Morellocherry: Thanks! I’m glad you find my tutorials helpful. :o) Congrats on the new move. yes, I live in FL. Gainesville, FL to be exact. That’s in the North Central part of the state. Safe travels! :o)


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