My OWN show on Oprah’s Network!

You all know how passionate I am about sewing and quilting and I have had such a great response worldwide to the dozens of video tutorials I have on my YouTube channel.  

In only 6 months since I started posting my tutorials, I’ve reached almost 70,000 hits and close to 500 subscribers!  

Now, I’m ready to take it to the next level and I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Oprah is looking for great new hosts and shows ideas for her new network- OWN. And I want to win with my show Patch Works!

Patch Works
Click HERE to vote for my video pitch!!

**p.s.- you can vote as many times as you want. Just click on the green “VOTE” button over and over again so I can move into the second round of auditions, please!**

Feel free to re-post to your Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I really appreciate your support!   Thank you!!  


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