I am blessed to have such a great husband.  He looooves his little family!   My husband is a very hands-on dad and loves spending time with his baby boy.  He works a regular office day job and I get to stay at home with baby. So, I always make him little scrapbooking-type photo albums for him to display on his work desk.

You may remember the last accordion photo album I made him in this post. That one had pictures of the baby from the day he was born to about 3 months.  I decided to make him an updated one for Father’s Day so he could show people what his big boy looks like now.  Plus, he kept telling me stories about how he constantly has to tell people, “he doesn’t look like that anymore…. he is much bigger.  Our DS (darling son) turned 10 months old today! I’ve been slacking, I know.   But sheesh, how time flies!!

Well, here it is.  His Father’s Day accordion photo album.
I love the tie print paper! I thought it was very appropriate but still young and bright!
The ribbon stamp says: “World’s Greatest Dad”
This is one side of the album opened up.
The other side opened up.
My little bug and I!
My 2 guys!  Don’t you love a babywearing daddy?!
Happy Father’s Day, love!
…and a Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing daddies and single mommies out there, too!
I know how tough it was for my mom to be both the mother and father to my three sisters and I.

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