Quilt Binding- How To Make And Attach It

For today’s tutorial, I will show you how to make and attach your quilt binding. But most importantly, how to take the measurements. Just a tip that if you are using thick batting, then make your strips wider to account for the bulk. Also, if you need longer fabric length for the binding, then you can just combine shorter strips of fabric. As a result, you’re gonna have one continuous fabric strip. 

  • How to make the binding

Using two fabric strips, lay one strip vertically with pretty sides facing up. Then, place the other strip pretty sides down, horizontally, on the left side of the first strip. Match the bottom edges. As a result, the fabric creates a 90-degree angle. Now, on the overlapping part, stitch from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. Then, trim away the excess by cutting at about half of an inch away from the stitch. Iron press the seams open. 

Fold the continuous fabric lengthwise, pretty sides outside. Match the raw edges. Then, iron press. 

  • How to attach the binding to the quilt. 

Position the binding strip around the quilt in such a way that the raw edges of the binding strip match with the raw edges of the quilt. Moreover, leave about six inches of the strip without stitching at the start of your binding and at the end. This is where you are going to close the binding. Then, stitch the rest at about a quarter of an inch from the edge.  

Btw, If you’re looking for an iron for pressing smaller fabrics like the binding, then check out the mini iron that I used in this video HERE.

The tricky part is stitching the corners and closing the binding. But, no worries, because I am going to show a technique for that. Watch the full tutorial and I promise you, you’ll gonna find it so easy.

I hope you enjoy it!

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