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In a previous post I mentioned my DH (darling husband) is from New Orleans.  As much as I love cooking Dominican and other Latin American/Caribbean dishes for him, I also try to make sure I help him stay close to his roots through the meals I prepare at home.  When I first met my DH’s parents at his 29th birthday dinner everyone was talking about the “candy” his mom makes.  My DH and his younger brothers were practically watering at the mouth just talking about it.  I didn’t ask for the recipe.  For the next year all I heard was talk about that candy that I had yet to see or taste.  Then just a few weeks ago we received word that my MIL (mother-in-law) was making her famous “candy.”  Anxious to taste this yummy candy, we arrived at her house as she was still making it.  I leaned over her shoulder and took my mental notes.  I nonchalantly asked what she put in it, careful not to ask for a secret family recipe or anything…..

When it was done….. we ate it and loved it… and the piece we took to-go didn’t even make it to the end of the block.  I went home and tried to recreate the candy.  The first batch was yummy! My DH swears it needed more sugar and then I reminded him that the candy was nothing BUT sugar!  He has a sickening sweet tooth…. poor thing.

The second batch was even better and that’s when I finalized my recipe. The flavor was on point and the consistency was perfection! Feel special, people! I am being nice and sharing it with you because I think candy this good should not be kept a secret!!  Try it out and make sure you have several people to help you eat it or I guarantee you will eat it all by yourself…. and if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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  • JaniceB

    Hi Vanessa!! I made the pralines yesterday. It taste delicious!! Mine is still soft, though. After watching the video again – I see I didn’t let it boil long enough. I stirred for 20 minutes – oh boy!!! So I am guessing I didn’t get enough moisture out. LOL! I just put it in the fridge hoping that will harden the candy. I will try again next week and boil longer. Thank you so much!! I love pralines!

  • cd5124fe-a455-11e0-af03-000bcdcb8a73

    Thanks, Vanessa, for a different take on making the pralines (we say “praw-leens” in Baton Rouge)! LOL I have made them before, but only in my microwave, using brown sugar and whole (half) pecans (not cut). A different recipe, but the same concept. I always have the problem when microwaving of not stirring and hardening long enough and when I spoon them out onto the wax paper (in little circular pools of candy), they stick and don’t come off (too shiny and not caramelized enough, I suppose). I might give your recipe a try (cooking on top of the stove). Thanks for the video. I love all of your sewing videos! Keep them coming!

  • Dalya

    Thank you so much for the recipe and the video. I have always wanted to make pecan pralines! As soon as I saw your recipe, I knew I had to try it. I love how your recipe is super simple. I’ve seen other recipes that call for things like baking soda, brown sugar, corn syrup, etc. The simple sweetness of the sweetened condensed milk makes everything just awesome. It came out great and no one can stop talking about it 🙂
    I would probably modify it by adding a tablespoon of corn syrup to stop the sugar from crystallizing. I added a few pinches of salt. Great recipe and informative video. Thanks again!


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