Sewing Lessons: How to Make Cloth Wipes- 2 techniques

Welcome to another Crafty Gemini Tutorials. For today’s tutorial, I will share with you how to make cloth wipes that you can use for your baby. These are made of two cotton flannel fabrics and they are reusable and of good quality which can last for a long time. Furthermore, I will teach you how to make cloth wipes in two ways. I will be using two 9” x 9” cotton fabrics.  

Technique #1- Using the serger. 

Place one fabric over the other in such a way that the wrong sides of the fabrics are touching. Then, stitch the sides one by one. However, stop every time you have to turn and sew another side. Just lift the needle and the presser foot and turn the fabric towards the next side. 

Technique #2- Using the sewing machine.

Place one fabric over the other in such a way that the pretty sides of the fabrics are touching. You can place pins to hold the two fabrics in place. Also, do not forget to leave an opening to allow you to flip the fabric later on. This is an area on one of the sides where you don’t stitch. 

Then, backstitch all the rest of the edges with about half of an inch seam allowance. As you turn to backstitch another side of the fabric, lift only the presser foot. Trim an angle on the corners of the fabric to reduce the bulk. Then, flip the fabric pretty sides out through the opening and iron press. After that, topstitch all four sides of the fabric. 

Finally, you can now make your cloth wipes! Don’t forget to check out my video and you can sew along with me. Happy sewing! 

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