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I made about two dozen cloth diapers for my baby boy while I was pregnant… they were cute, and were just the perfect size for a newborn-3 months. ha! Little did I know I was in for a rude awakening! After being in labor for 9 days, my husband and I welcomed a not-so-small 8 lb 11 oz baby boy. After wearing the cloth diapers for about a week he outgrew them!
I found myself trying to figure out how I could make another cloth diaper stash, using fabric I already have, and FAST!

Here is what I found: A GREAT FREE pattern by Rita for her Rita’s Rump Pocket(RRP) diapers.

I modified the pattern slightly to make it just a fitted diaper as opposed to a “pocket”, I gave it wider and more round ends, and I didn’t add an additional seam allowance as the pattern suggests. The results were: woo-hoo!! yay! GREAT!

I put together a tutorial to help others out there in the sewing and learning-how-to-sew world learn how to make their own environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and easy fitted cloth diapers!

This diaper needs to be worn with a cover or soaker. It can be closed using a pin, a Snappi, or you can sew hook and loop like Aplix or Touch Tape on the ends for a velcro-like closure.

The diaper is a one-size fits most! These will fit a newborn, a toddler and everyone in between!

I hope you all enjoy this cloth diaper tutorial and PLEASE leave me some feedback! I would greatly appreciate it.

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