Embroidered Burping Cloths for our 1st Baby!


So, my DH and I are having our first baby this year and since I love to sew and quilt I have been working on several projects for baby’s arrival!
My sewing machine is a Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 400 and it does small scale embroidery so, I decided to put it to work and make some burping cloths out of some snuggle flannel I bought at Joann’s and some embroidery cartridges I have with baby designs.

Here are 3 of burping cloths with baby embroidery designs. Some of the designs call for a bunch of different thread colors but since we are having a boy and I wanted to keep it simple I just did the entire design in the same baby blue rayon embroidery thread. I think they came out super cute! :o)

My DH says the baby lion design is his favorite and since our little boy’s middle name will be “Rey” (meaning King in Spanish), I thought it would be very appropriate to embroider a “king of the jungle” on one of his burping cloths!

Also, I used my serger to do a rolled hem all around the burping cloths.

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