My Home Sewing Studio!

Here is where all the arts & crafts magic happens ladies & gentlemen!
I am so excited to be able to have my own sewing studio at home! My DH is the best! :o)
I try to keep it as plain as possible and toss all the big fabric bins in the closet so I don’t get too cluttered when I’m working on a new project.
You can’t see any fabric in these pictures but trust me…. I have a huge stash! :o)

I have a cutting station, a pressing station, my sewing station and a serging station when I’m working in their alone. When I have friends or students over I bring out another table and add another sewing station, it’s great!

This is my mid/longarm machine… I still don’t have a name for her!
She is great! I have up to 17″ of throat space which allows me to get through my quilts (especially the baby quilts) even quicker! The entire setup was purchased directly from the manufacturer- Hinterberg. It sits on the Hinterberg Stretch Frame and all. This was definitely a great new addition to my sewing studio!

This is my creative space and I love it! It is just big enough for me to do what I need to do for any sewing and/or quilting craft without get claustrophobic! It’s special to me because it’s my own room! No one else comes in here and when I am working in my studio the door is shut and the music is blasting! My husband knows that when I am in my studio I am MIA for at least a few hours. I get natural sunlight coming in from outside and I have a large closet for storing excess some of my supplies. My studio is just perfect with all my crafting supplies and my cd player!

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