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If you are interested in booking Crafty Gemini for a lecture, trunk show or workshop please review the details included below. Once you understand our booking process please email for additional booking info and to secure your reservation.

When is Crafty Gemini available?
We are currently scheduling for late 2015 and 2016 events and workshops. Please contact with your specific dates so we may check them against Vanessa’s current schedule.

Where can I find information on your fees, class and lecture options, supply lists and class descriptions?
Please click on the Events/Bookings tab on this website to view information on available class and lecture options and class descriptions.  The total cost of fees associated with your booking will be emailed to you after we discuss the date and class or lecture details. Supply lists are also emailed out to you after your booking deposit has been received and your date(s) are reserved.

Do you plan to sell any products after the lecture or class?
Crafty Gemini does not currently have any items for sale. As we design and manufacture some new products we may request permission to sell these items before, during and/or after the class or lecture.  Typically, if the event will take place at a quilt shop we will make arrangements to have the quilt shop carry our product for students to purchase from them instead of directly from me.

What does it cost to bring Crafty Gemini to our event?
Your guild/shop will be responsible for the teaching fees and travel expenses. Workshop and Lecture fees will be discusses once we receive notification of the dates you are looking to book and send you our agreement for your signature. Our current options for events include:

  • Lecture
  • Trunk show (60 min. + 30 min. Q&A session)
  • One day of workshops (one 6-hr or two 3-hr blocks)
  • One 4-hour workshop
  • If you have a different event in mind please contact to discuss it. We are pretty flexible.

We understand travel costs can add a significant amount to the teaching fees so we do our best to shop around for the deals on airfare and lodging accommodations. Your organization is responsible for booking flights, lodging accommodations and rental vehicles for Vanessa. We do not pay for these costs up front. Instead, your organization is expected to cover the costs and any deposits up front. Here is a list of expenses your organization will be responsible are:

  • Airfare – Coach class, reasonable flight times and non-stop whenever possible. Vanessa usually flies out of GNV- Gainesville Regional Airport. However, if flights are significantly less expensive she will consider flying out of JAX- Jacksonville International Airport. In the event she flies out of JAX your organization will be responsible for reimbursing mileage and airport parking fees.
  • Baggage fees: Vanessa pays for her bags upfront and will invoice your organization within 7 days of the trip end date. She usually travels with one checked bag each way. In the event she requires more than one checked bag she will cover the additional fee.  If she flies out of Jacksonville airport it will usually be on Southwest Airlines which doesn’t charge baggage fees.
  • Ground Transportation – Either shuttle, taxi or rental car to and from airports and lodging accommodations and events.
    When driving her own vehicle, we use the IRS rate of $.575 per mile.
  • Lodging – Reservation and accommodation in a private non-smoking hotel room.
  • Meals – We use a per diem of $50/day for meals.
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