Sew Fine Thread Gloss


We now have Sew Fine Thread Gloss in a variety of scents!

No more tangled, knotted or static-y threads while you’re hand-sewing!

Easy to use: thread your needle and lay the thread close to the needle on the thread gloss. Using your thumb, put light pressure on the thread while you pull the thread along the top of the thread gloss. One or two light pulls should be plenty! Knot your thread and start stitching!

Details from manufacturer: “Sew Fine Thread Gloss is made with locally sourced beeswax that has NOT been chemically processed. It is handmade in a variety of scents (as well as a natural beeswax/honey scent) in small batches just outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is a natural light amber colour (as it should be) – those white beeswaxes have been bleached or have had clay added to make it white. The beeswax I source is one step away from the hive – filtered once to separate it from the honey and any leftover hive particles. Each pot contains 0.5oz of thread gloss.”

Made in the Canada.

Candy Cane: Reminiscent of candy canes from days gone by. Sticky mittens and all!

Cinnamon Chai: Layer after layer of warmth, starting with savory nutmeg and Indian Chai, fresh cinnamon stick with rich and creamy vanilla.

Cotton Candy: The sweetness of spun sugar is swirled with creamy vanilla and fruity notes of strawberry and cherry. You don’t need to be at a circus to enjoy this scent!

Floop Floop: Sunday morning cartoons just weren’t the same without that sugary tropical cereal that you secretly still love – said in the voice of a 3 year old. A sweet and delectable delight of juicy orange, ripe berries, tangerine and sugared vanilla.

Gran’s Kitchen: Gran’s Kitchen is just that – a combination of all the wonderful smells I remember from helping with holiday baking at my Gran’s. A savory combination of clove, cinnamon, and vanilla with a hint of caramel and apple, followed by earthy base notes. Just how you’d remember.

Lavender: A true, light floral lavender fragrance, like you’re walking through a lavender field at sunset.

Natural: The familiar scent of beeswax and honey is delicate and modest. No additional fragrances required.

Oak Barrel Cider: Curl up with your favorite quilt while you experience the soul warming aroma of tart apples, cinnamon and allspice. You’ll be reaching for that favorite holiday drink in no time!

“Sugar’d Fig” Sew Fine Thread Gloss: Light and delicate, this thread gloss smells fig, caramelized sugar, coconut milk, and sheer white florals. It’s rustic and crisp at the same time.

Sugar Cookie:The staple holiday fragrance –  the delicious aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies straight from the oven.








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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Natural, Cotton Candy, Lavender, Sugar'd Fig, Sugar Cookie, Oak Barrel Cider, Gran's Kitchen, Floop floop, Cinnamon Chai, Candy Cane