Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles


One pack of Ballpoint/Jersey Needles by Schmetz in Assorted Sizes. Please select your size from the dropdown menu.

Feature:   Medium ball point.
Fabric Use: Knits and some stretch fabrics. Made especially for sewing on knits. The medium ball point does not damage or break knitted fibers. Also known as Jersey Needles.
Quantity:   Five (5) needles per pack.

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Size 70/10 Ballpoint/Jersey (for lightweight knits), Size 80/12 Ballpoint/Jersey (for light-mediumweight knits), Size 100/16 Ballpoint/Jersey(for heavyweight knits), Size 80/12 Universal (for light-mediumweight wovens), Size 70/10 Universal (for lightweight wovens), Chrome Universal Size 90/14 10-pack, Universal Assorted 10-pack, Universal Assorted 5-pack, Jeans Needle Size 90/14


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