Rivet setting kit

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This is the same rivet setting kit we use to make the Metro Tote Bag in the 2016 Crafty Gemini Video Bag of the Month Club. Many of you have asked to purchase it separately from the entire bag kit so here it is!

The rivet kit includes the following:

• Setter

• Anvil

• 60 assorted rivets- 30 are brass and 30 are nickel plated. Of the 30 brass rivets there are 10 small, 10 medium and 10 large. Of the nickel plated rivets there are 10 small, 10 medium, 10 large. Of the 60 caps there are 20 of the bigger ones and 10 smaller ones in each color- brass and nickel plated

• Printed instructions

**NOTE: To use this kit you will also need a mallet and an awl/hole punch that are not included in the kit. **

Out of stock

Out of stock


Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 1 in


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