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crafty gemini farm & family friday #6 post of 2016

Farm & Family Fridays #6

It’s definitely feeling and looking like summer here in Florida! The amaryllis flowers are blooming around the front yard. Aren’t they pretty?! Our gardenias are blooming and the aroma is so lovely as you’re walking in the house. And now… some big news! Baby Cutes, our mini nubian (Nubian/Nigerian Dwarf cross) is pregnant! The vet […]

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Farm & Family Fridays #5

Phew! Now that I am back home from Spring Quilt Market I decided to give myself one day off to relax before I have to hit the ground running again! So, we decided to go to the beach yesterday. Thankfully, we live less than 2 hours away from both east coast and gulf coast Florida […]

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While She Naps Podcast Interview

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Abby’s While She Naps Podcast. I’ve been following Abby for a while now and am always so impressed with everything she does! If you’re a creative small business owner you need to subscribe to her newsletter and listen to her podcast! She is amazing and really […]

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We’re HOME!!

Kids and I at the Baiguate waterfall in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. The kids and I are back home after spending a week in my family’s hometown of Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Phew! We had a great time but let’s just say I need a vacation from this vacation. Traveling alone… with two preschoolers… on two red-eye […]

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Disney World- Epcot!

Last week I attended the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Lakeland, FL (a post on that coming soon!). Since my mom lives only 30 minutes from the event I decided to go down a few days earlier and take the kids to Disney World. The entry tickets are almost $100 per person (including kids […]

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I need your help!

Here’s the situation. One of my childhood best friends is getting married back home, in Miami, in March. That’s less than two months away! AH! Obviously, I need to wear something to this wedding and I have N-O-T-H-I-N-G right now. Since I’ve lost so much weight I thought it would only make sense to make […]

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Pumpkins Galore!

If you don’t follow my {very frequent} posts on Facebook you probably don’t know about my pumpkins! We grew pumpkins in the garden this year!  One of the joys of living in Florida is that I already have pumpkins… in June! Yup! I’m having way too much fun on this little farm.The heirloom variety I […]

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Transplanting Seedlings to Veggie Garden

One great thing about living in Florida is that while most of the country begins to brace themselves for a chilly Fall/Winter season we are getting ready to enjoy some of the most beautiful and cool weather of the year.  Which for our farming lifestyle also means— veggie garden time! The kids and I transplanting […]

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I’m off!

Today’s the big day!  I’m sitting here in the airport as I type this… I’m off to my birthplace, New York City, to attend YouTube’s Creator Camp.  I’m sad because I have never been away from my baby before and as we drove to the airport this morning I was a big (pregnant) emotional mess!  […]

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Hand Sewing Binding on Back of Quilt

I’m okay… and I’m back! Thank you all for your emails of concern regarding where I’ve been the past few months.  I really appreciate the love.  I can explain…. I promise. I’m pregnant with Baby #2! The first trimester really took a toll on me especially with a “real” job, business, and a very active […]

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Oh boy!

What a busy week!  I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever (only been a week in reality).  I am working on some new quilt patterns, quilting for customers, Halloween, and trying to get all my school stuff caught up because we leave for vacation on Saturday! Here is the latest quilt on my frame… […]

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Shoofly Safari

I can’t hold it in any longer!  I have to share my latest quilt with you! Remember the sneak peak  gave you HERE?  Well, I have to admit.. I lied.   I originally told you this quilt was for a “customer” because I thought my mother-in-law was reading my blog.  Turns out she isn’t.  How did […]

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Tumbler Fun

I had a ton of work to do this weekend but after my latest obsession with my Accuquilt GO! I had to put some projects on hold because I wanted to keep making tumbler block quilts.  My husband convinced me to make just one more and then get back to all the other things I […]

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My helper

What a busy weekend this was for me!  Thank goodness I have a hands-on husband who looooooves his baby (but not more than I do, of course).  These two jokers play all day long!  Inside, outside, under the rain, at the park, with the dog, in my kitchen, etc….All the while I’m in my sewing […]

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Melting pot meal

As you may recall DH is from New Orleans and my family is from the Dominican Republic. Our cuisine is very similar because of the French and Spanish influence that occupied both geographical locations.  This makes me very happy.  I enjoy cooking dishes from all around but my favorite is always what I grew up […]

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Make do meals & recipes

If you are my friend on facebook you have probably already seen the meals I have been cooking this last week.  For those of you that haven’t… it all started because my T-mobile MyTouch 3G Slide makes it so easy for me to take a picture and within seconds literally have it posted to my […]

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Make Baby/Toddler Pants from a T-shirt- Tutorial

Today is my 27th birthday! I can hardly believe it!  Oh, how time flies…  our baby boy is 9 months old now and is already walking!  He must get it from his mama… I walked at 8 months old… and haven’t stopped running around since! Lol. He is getting into just about everything these days […]

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You win and I win!

Today is May 24th!  My older sister’s 31st birthday.  Wow… that means my 27th birthday is only 8 days away! (I digress)…..ahem, Today is also the day I announce the winners of the Mother’s Day Giveaway! These two lucky ladies win quilted zippered cosmetic pouches! and the winners are…… drumroll please……………………. 1)Winner of the leopard […]

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Fresh bread anyone?

If you know anything about me you know I stay busy.  For some crazy reason the more I have on my plate the better I do.  It may just be because I’m super hyper (naturally) and am always looking for the next fun thing to get into.  This week my brain has convinced me that […]

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Cooking with Dominican Love

I’m Dominican.  My parents are from the Dominican Republic and my sisters and I were born in the U.S., but I am Dominican.  Dominican by the language I speak….the music I dance to….the customs & traditions I will pass down to my children… and so many other aspects of my culture that make me who […]

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Luck of the Irish!

I am a member of a group on CafeMom called Sewing Diaper Divas, where we do what? Can you guess?? Discuss anything “sewing cloth diapers” related—-duh! And guess what else we do!—- SWAPS, SWAPS, and more swaps! woo-hoo! My favorite! Every month there is a different swap theme and this month’s was: “The Luck of […]

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Mini-Quilt Madness!

OMG!! I have figured out how to satisfy my quilting obsession without completely putting my son, husband, and my job on the back burner— MINI QUILTS!! After having first made a mini quilt for a swap, I am now officially obsessed! I love that I can finish and entire mini quilt in just a few […]

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More tote bags!

My mom came to visit and loved the black, white, and red color combination that I used to make the friendship bag for the friendship bag swap and asked me to make her a similar one that she could use as her everyday purse…. and 45 minutes later….here it is!!

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